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The young shaman Nanda, a likable little panda, is one of the youngest of phenomedia's characters.

He is the hero of the game Nanda's Island which features simple yet innovative and compelling game play. Raindrops must be guided to a specific destination by drawing lines using the mouse or the Nintendo DS(TM) stylus.

These features make Nanda's Island a special treat:

  • Numerous solutions for each level
  • A wide variety of plants in high quality 3D optics
  • More than 40 different, hand drawn level backgrounds
  • A Perfect bonus in every level is granted, if it is finished with the highest possible amount of water
  • Friendship Coins allow a personal and individual population of the island with lots of animals
  • The player himself determines the island’s look (level map): the more water he guides to the plants within a level the greener the island will become

More information about Nanda's Island can be found at Nandas-Island.


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