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phenomedia publishing gmbh is one of Europe's most successful companies for the development and publishing of interactive entertainment software.

Characters like the "Moorhuhn" and "Sven Bømwøllen" or adaptations of well-known movie licenses such as "(T)Raumschiff Surprise" or "Die 7 Zwerge" built the foundation of phenomedia publishing gmbh’'s international success.

With the brand "EINFACH SPIELEN" (translation: Just Playing) phenomedia provides orientation and reliability in a market that gets increasingly more confusing for the customer.
Under the label of "EINFACH SPIELEN" ( phenomedia brings selected, internationally successful games by leading developers like PopCap, RealGames or Reflexive to the retail market of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

press release - 11/05/2010

Jade Rousseau – The Secret Revelations: phenomedia starts the first episodic interactive novel

Intrigues, Secrets and Betrayal

phenomedia publishing gmbh is announcing a completely new gaming concept today: with "Jade Rousseau – The Secret Revelations: Fall of Sant' Antonio" the first episode of a breathtaking interactive novel is being released. Every self-contained episode includes information that can be used to unlock additional exclusive content in the following episodes. Episode 1 will be available in German retail and as a download from June 15th.

"Jade Rousseau – The Secret Revelations: Fall of Sant' Antonio" forms the beginning of a thrilling Mystery Hit-Series for the PC. For the first season a total of 6 episodes are planned which will be released until autumn 2011. The gamer can join the story with any episode because they are all self contained… but wouldn't it be far more exciting to find out even more about the characters, background and conspirative entanglements?

For the production of the high-value Mystery-Series phenomedia publishing gmbh is working closely together with the renowned developer Deck13. The guarantor for great stories has already delivered with top titles like "Ankh", "Jack Keane" and "Venetica" which all have been lauded by the press.

The main character of phenomedia's new game series is the young inspector Jade Rousseau. In the first episode Jade is accepting a placement in Sant' Antonio to leave the terrible events of her recent past behind her. She packs her life into a small suitcase and sets off to the remote village in the Lombardy.

But even before she arrives Jade gets pitched in the midst of an incredible case of intrigues, secrets and betrayals. A break-in that seems to be none and a suspected murder without a corpse are only the surface signs of a widespread conspiracy whose roots seem to reach deep into the constitutional church. Never would Jade have suspected that her entire life and everything she believed in could turn on its head within only a few hours.

To be continued...

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